The Anglo Asian Friendship Society

is the largest multi-faith registered charity in Britain and operates across three continents with particular focus in India, Pakistan, Canada and Greece. It has almost 3000 members in Britain, members of every race, religion and community.

In 2005 the Charity Commission of England & Wales formally registered the Anglo Asian Friendship Society charity as Charity No. 1108891.

In recognition of our diverse achievements, we are constituted as an international charity with scope comparable to Red Cross and Amnesty International.


  • Promote good race relations in Britain;
  • Promote religious harmony by raising awareness & enhancing respect, and tolerance;
  • Relieve poverty & hardship throughout the world;
  • Protect & promote good health.

Britain has changed a great deal since I first arrived from Kenya in 1958, dispossessed of all but the idealism of my youth. I believe the voluntary sector has an essential role to play in meeting the epoch-defining issues that have arisen since the dawn of our new millennium.

For almost a quarter of a century, the Anglo Asian Friendship Society has been pioneering a new paradigm of grass roots political, social and community engagement. Please contact us if you think we can assist or you would like to discuss our project further.

Devinder Kumar Ghai

Founding President

The legalisation of the Funeral Pyre in UK – a traditional Hindu funeral is finally legal in Britain thanks to Devinder Kumar Ghai (Baba Ghai) the Founding President of Anglo-Asian Friendship Society.

The following video bears the media coverage in The Times of India with Arnab Goswami interviewing Baba Ghai on the subject and other national media broadcasts.

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