11/01/1939 – 11/11/2023

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Davender Kumar Ghai, fondly known as Baba Ghai or Baba ji, a beacon of peace, unity, and spiritual enlightenment.

Baba Ghai, the Founding President of the Anglo Asian Friendship Society, has left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of countless individuals across the globe through his selfless dedication to humanitarian service, religious equality, and the pursuit of peace.

Recognised for his deep spirituality and commitment to the principle that “God is one,” Baba Ghai’s life was a testament to his belief in serving others over material gain, embodying the essence of a true fakir.

His multilingual prowess and approachable demeanour made him a respected figure among diverse communities, transcending cultural and religious boundaries to bring people together in harmony and mutual respect.

As we mourn his loss, we also celebrate the extraordinary life of Baba Ghai, whose teachings and vision will continue to inspire us to live in service to humanity and in pursuit of a better world for all.

– The Family, Friends, and Devoted Followers of Davender Kumar Ghai (Baba Ghai)

Shree Kaal Bhairav and ShivShakti Temples

Baba Ghai’s legacy includes the establishment of the UK’s only temple for Shree Kaal Bhairav and ShivShakti in Newcastle Upon Tyne, a sanctuary for those seeking spiritual solace and a connection with the divine. This sacred space, open to all regardless of religious background, stands as a testament to Baba’s vision of a world united in peace and spiritual well-being.

His message, that the temple serves as a place of empowerment, protection, and healing without the need for monetary offerings, continues to resonate with his followers. Baba Ghai’s awards and recognitions, including the UNESCO 2006 Peace Gold Medal and Amnesty International Lifetime Achievement Award, reflect his significant contributions to promoting peace, religious harmony, and humanitarian values.

The Anglo Asian Friendship Society

is the largest multi-faith registered charity in Britain and operates across three continents with particular focus in India, Pakistan, Canada and Greece. It has almost 3000 members in Britain, members of every race, religion and community.

In 2005 the Charity Commission of England & Wales formally registered the Anglo Asian Friendship Society charity as Charity No. 1108891.

In recognition of our diverse achievements, we are constituted as an international charity with scope comparable to Red Cross and Amnesty International.


  • Promote good race relations in Britain;

  • Promote religious harmony by raising awareness & enhancing respect, and tolerance;

  • Relieve poverty & hardship throughout the world;

  • Protect & promote good health.

Britain has changed a great deal since I first arrived from Kenya in 1958, dispossessed of all but the idealism of my youth. I believe the voluntary sector has an essential role to play in meeting the epoch-defining issues that have arisen since the dawn of our new millennium.

For almost a quarter of a century, the Anglo Asian Friendship Society has been pioneering a new paradigm of grass roots political, social and community engagement. Please contact us if you think we can assist or you would like to discuss our project further.

Davender Kumar Ghai

Founding President

United Nations (UNESCO)
   2006 Peace Gold Medal
Amnesty International
   Lifetime Achievement Award
International Human Rights Commission
   Outstanding Achievement Award
Universal Peace Federation
   Ambassador for Peace

See the documents and records of our charitable work

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A Successful Outdoor Cremation Case Study

Crestone, Colorado is an outdoor human cremation facility in the United States.  Some may consider it an archaic tradition, but the facility in Crestone will perform a funeral pyre for anyone, regardless of their religion.

The facility is unique in the U.S. as it is a crematorium where family can participate in the outdoor cremation of a loved one. 

The funeral pyre is constructed from a concrete and brick-lined hearth topped with a steel grate. 

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The legalisation of the Funeral Pyre in UK – a traditional Hindu funeral is finally legal in Britain thanks to Davender Kumar Ghai (Baba Ghai) the Founding President of Anglo-Asian Friendship Society.

The following video bears the media coverage in The Times of India with Arnab Goswami interviewing Baba Ghai on the subject and other national media broadcasts.

House of Commons – Home Affairs Section statement

The Parliament statement indicating that a wood fired open air cremation is legal if the structure is approved.


“(…) The Court of Appeal considered that it was possible to accommodate Mr Ghai’s wishes (remains are to be cremated) under the current legislation (…)

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