8th July 2010

Baba Daveinder Kumar Ghai
Founding President
Anglo Asian Friendship Society

Respected Baba Ghai,

It is our pleasure to congratulate your victory in the Court of Appeal victory on behalf of British Hindus and Hindu cremation rites. We are grateful for your praiseworthy efforts and sacrifices made in order to achieve this landmark victory for Hindu Sanatan Dharma, human rights and freedom of choice.

Hindu Sanatan Dharma respectfully embraces a wide range of beliefs, traditions and practices. Nevertheless, there is significant demand for designated funeral pyre cremations amongst our congregation and we are united in our support for this important cause.

The sanskara rituals of Hindu Sanatan Dharma form an ancient spiritual science, rigorously preserved in the hands of ritual pandits (Hindu clergy) and thrive throughout India and other enlightened countries across the world.

We urge central and local government authorities to collaborate constructively with you towards establishing designated sites where funeral pyre cremations can be performed safely, respectfully and responsibly.

It is an honour to stand with you in the cause and assist by any means in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Narendra Thakrar

Executive Chairman, Shri Sanatan Hindu Mandir


Baba Davender Kumar Ghai
Founding President
Anglo Asian Friendship Society

Respected Baba Ghai,

Congratulations on your historic legal victory in Britain’s Court of Appeal In February 2010, which for the first time ever has established the legal right of Hindus and Sikhs to receive open air cremation rites.

Your leadership, perseverance and sincere faith throughout the 4 year legal campaign have truly made history and deserve the very highest praise.

News of your unique achievement has resounded throughout India and is spoken about with great pride. There is no more fitting ambassador for the Hindu faith and your accomplishments will surely receive great blessings and support, both for the legal victory in the UK and for. successfully negotiating with the Government of Pakistan to open Hindi and Sikh cremation grounds in Pakistan in 2005.

On behalf of the Trust, please accept my profound admiration fur this. extraordinary achievement and please be assured that the Trust would be proud to o cr you any assistance now and with future Anglo Asian Friendship Society projects.

Yours sincerely,

Shital Vij

President, Parbandhak Committee, Shri Devi Talab Mandir


Baba Daveinder Kumar Ghai
Founding President
Anglo Asian Friendship Society

29th April 2010

Respected Baba Ghai ji,

It is a matter of great pleasure that your good self made it convenient to attend ’29th Sanatan Dharam Maha Samellan’ on 176 April 2010 at FICCI auditorium, New Delhi, organised by ‘All India Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Samellan.

The Samellan was delighted to note that you had fought a battle in Britain regarding rites and ceremonies of Hindus/Sanatanists and your role was remarkable which was appreciated by one and all including Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi, who was Chief Guest in that function.

The Saints. Mahatmas and other Office-Bearers of Sanatan Dharam appreciated your work with great zeal.

We stand by you and our support shall be with you in your activities relating to Sanatan Dharam. I once again thank you for participating in the Samellan.

With warm regards,

Yours Sincerely,

R. N. Vats

General Secretary, Sanatan Dharma

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