The campaign was supported by every Hindu national umbrella organisation in Britain, representing over 90% of Hindus in Britain – in addition to a wide range of secular and other faith organisations.

Our Executive Council unanimously agree with the proposal and support it whole-heartedly.

Amrit Lal Bhardwaj

General Secretary

We live in a multi-cultural society and respect your wishes to be cremated on an open-air pyre in accordance with your religious beliefs.

Rasool Baksh

As a deeply devout Christian and church pastor, I cannot see any objection to the use of funeral pyres and believe that their use would do nothing more than bring parity to a valuable minority of the British population.

Martin White


I sincerely hope you will continue to dedicate your services in this noble cause and your enterprising efforts will be a landmark in the history of Sanatan Dharam.

Harnam Dass Arora


The Anglo Asian Friendship Society is working on a noble cause…It is indeed an unprecedented legal achievement for the Indian community living abroad and  really ought to have the highest praise…We assure the fullest co-operation in the future and request him to demand the similar right to be cremated according to Sikh and Hindu religious rites and traditions in those countries where Indians are deprived of such customs.

Paramjit Singh Sarna


Formal appreciation is due to Baba Ghai’s devotion, sincerity and courage on behalf of the Hindu faith.  Baba Ghai’s judicial review would provide a legacy for generations of British Hindus.

Dr Raj Pandit Sharma


You have done commendable work by compelling the Government of Pakistan to construct an open-air funeral ground in Lahore… We fully support your campaign for similar rights in Britain and other Western countries.

Dr P V Nath


I am delighted that you are campaigning for permission to allow traditional funeral pyres in England, it is a crucial issue that was long ignored.

Guru Dutt Bali

Stage Secretary

There is a demand within the community for this and they must have that choice. I think that to suggest a practice which has been carried out for thousands of years and still is by 800 million Hindus in India is somehow “abhorrent” is insenstive and very unhelpful.

Ramesh Kallidai

Secretary General

Sikhs and Hindus must be allowed to have an option to perform the last religious rites of their loved ones as are other communities.  We appreciate the focus and efforts of your organisation.

Mr F Singh Landa

General Secretary

Your campaign to establish the legal right of natural open air cremation deserves our fullest support…there is a strong and sincere desire amongst Sikhs in Britain to practice it.  Indeed, need amongst our own congregation (sangat) Ied us to raise this very issue with local MPs some 6 years ago. Regrettably, progress then did not match our expectation but we now proudly stand with you on this issue, on behalf of Sikhs in Britain.

Jaswant Singh Tekhedhar


There is demand amongst Sikhs in Britain for funeral pyres and I sincerely hope their needs will be considered. Their freedom of choice should not be unduly denied and your important campaign is a valuable opportunity to unite in a common cause.

Jarnail Singh Rana


We fully support the efforts being made and the work in promoting the rights of Hindus throughout Britain to preserve and promote our Faith.



We fully support Mr Ghai’s appeal. We urge the Secretary of State to respect the freedom of choice of Hindu’s in manifesting their faith.

Brij Mohan Gupta

Joint General Secretary

I am delighted that the Anglo Asian Friendship Society, under your able leadership, has achieved this unique contribution.

Adish Aggarwala

Chair, Advisory Board of 14 Retired Chief Justices of India

The most significant campaign to promote Hindu religious freedom in British history.

Lt.Col K K Attri

Hindu Chaplain to the British Armed Forces

I am immensely glad the Anglo Asian Friendship Society successfully lobbied on behalf of Pakistan’s Sikh and Hindu communities to establish a funeral pyre site in Lahore and grateful that you are now also promoting religious last rites of Sikhs in Britain.

Swarn Singh Gill


The Executive Committee unanimously agrees that facilities should be provided for all Hindus.

Amrit Paul Vedhara


We fully support the Anglo Sian Friendship Society’s attempts and believe funeral pyres would bring significant rewards, socially and spiritually.

Rupert Callender


We wish you success in the campaign to win… There is great demand for safe, appropriate and approved cremation sites amongst our followers and they would signify a crucial step towards true and full religious freedom for Hindus in Britain.

Umesh Chander Sharma JP


I commend your historic and peaceful campaign… I believe the campaign is vitally important, not only for practice of Hindu Dharma sacraments but also the wider issue of minority rights in the 21st century.

Dr Veer Bhadra Mishra

Mahant and 1999 Time Magazine 'Hero of the Planet'

I highly commend the Anglo Asian Friendship Society’s efforts to win Sikhs in Britain the right to cremate on funeral pyres… It is a truly humanitarian service that should be remembered in the very highest regard.

Bisham Singh


Thanks for Mr Devinder Kumar Ghai for his working charitably for the protection of human rights.  It is therefore requested that the Govt. of UK may kindly be impressed upon the need for allowing open air cremations.

Avtar Singh Makkar


I bless Baba Ghai and the Anglo Asian Friendship Society and wish them a very bright future.  He has done a truly commendable job by compelling the Government of Pakistan to construct a shamshaan ghat.  I fully support and praise Baba Ghai’s campaigns for similar rights in Britain and other Western countries.


Spiritual Master and custodian of the scriptures, The four Shankaracharayas are recognised as the final living authority for the Hindu faith, sharing a role very broadly akin to the Catholic Pope

We believe your campaign is important to the interests of Sikhs in Britain… Please know there is  wide support among Sikh gurdwaras, organisations and families I have discussed this issue with throughout Britain.



Your campaign sensitively promotes religious understanding and has the sympathy of numerous organisations I have consulted with in India and the UK.

Rulda Singh


I bless Baba Davender Kumar Ghai and his team of devoted workers who have struggled hard for the rights of Hindus in the UK.

Swami Gopal Devacharaya

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